Monday, 28 June 2010

Just one day

How much difference can one day honestly make? I have been raging against this question all day. In the blue corner, we have All In One Day! Annnd in the red corner, we have Everything Takes Time!!

I am impatient by nature, extremely impatient (although I will resent anyone who says it's because I am a Gen-Yer, I was raised believing I am a Gen-Xer so you can't blame my impatience, generations withstanding, on my Yness or Xness), and although I do possess patience for some things (teaching, for some bizarre reason, and sewing) I do not possess general patience in life. Gimme my perfect life, I want it now! Quite what that perfect life is I'm not quite sure yet, but I still want it! (Side note, I know there are cushions involved, and I've made those cushion covers myself, yes.)

I suppose for me, one day can make all the difference. If I don't know you well once you've fallen out of grace I hesitate to admit it'll take you quite a bit to get back there, if you can at all. Although it takes a lot for anyone close to fall out of grace with me...BUT once you're off that wagon, that wagon waits for no one.

Sometimes when I write the issues don't resolve themselves, I apologise.

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