Monday, 5 July 2010

Addicted to eBay

I am not sure if I have an addictive personality (does such a thing even exist anyway?). I know I can be quite obsessive at times, but not addictive. But I must admit there are two exceptions, okay maybe three. Okay maybe, MAYBE four. Or five.

My obsessions, okay let's not call it that, rather, my keen and consistently loved and rigorously pursued interests, include (and I must point out there are more, but I selected carefully): watching Frasier (an all time, never exhausting favourite); reading lady magazines (as my boyfriend, the sweetheart, likes to call them); shopping for clothes (I'm not really fussy about shoes or bags though); buying, reading and looking at books (I LOVE books); eating chocolate (watch my pupils dilate); buying and looking at coloured pencils (and yes I realise I hit four already); playing Bejeweled on my iPhone; and eBay.

Ohhhhh eBay how I love thee. Actually when you think about it eBay assists me maintain most of my other consistently loved and rigorously pursued interests.

Seriously though, do you ever look around at all your "things" and wonder how you accumulated so much stuff? I am frequently forced to do this. I am, by nature, a keeper of things (and apparently reluctant to say "hoarder"). However, when I was 19 and moved out of home I didn't just move out of home and down the street, I moved 3000 kilometres away (and no, Mum was not impressed). Cue disposing of large amounts of stuff (removalists are expensive!). After a period of rebuilding my stash of things, I moved again, this time not quite so far (1600 kilometres back towards the general direction of my original home). More disposing of large amounts of stuff. More rebuilding and recollecting, et cetera. I left my marriage and a bunch of stuff fell away with that departure. Then I moved the much smaller (and carefully chosen) pile of my belongings back to where I started: home, Melbourne. This is where I can really start rebuilding and recollecting!

Which brings me back to eBay. I LOVE eBay. I have used it to dispose of some of my things. I have used it to acquire, and reacquire some of my most precious things. (And yes, I have a very good rating, it's 100%). I like to think that eBay is the epicentre of swapping and trading. It's the modern day hand-me-down of almost everything. Have you read a book you loved but will never read again? Sell it on eBay! Did you lose a dress you always loved and wanted to buy it again? Buy it on eBay! Do you have a spare fridge? Sell it on eBay!

My Mum, when she was younger, read a much loved book (a family book that stayed in the family home), 'The Children Who Lived in the Barn'. For years she would tell the story of reading it and never being able to finish reading it for the last 2 missing pages. For years whenever my Mum, sister or I were in a second hand book store we would do the obligatory "ummm, there's this book called 'The Children Who Lived in the Barn', it's a kids book and we're looking...oh you don't have it...yes we are aware it's quite rare".

And where did we find it (and by "we", I mean my sister whom it occurred to one day to actually look for it there...and I consider myself an eBayxpert)?! Yep, eBay!

I love eBay.

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