Saturday, 31 July 2010

Allergic to dairy...?

I think I may be allergic to dairy. Well, it's most likely dairy, otherwise it's saturated fats, which is far, far worse. Right now, I am dearly hoping it's limited to just the one junk food group.

Something has been not-quite-right with my body for a little while. At first I thought I was sick. And then I noticed that my body only reacted in the particular way (which shall remain unspecified) at seemingly random intervals. After it happened to coincide enough times to no-longer-be-considered completely random I reluctantly began to accept the inevitable, it's probably an allergic reaction to something.

I know, I know, you're probably thinking, 'well have you been to see a doctor'? And in my defence I did, but the advice I got given wasn't particularly helpful and so I feel rather stranded to work this one out myself. I could get a second opinion but I'm not quite ready just yet to know for sure. And what if it's worse than a simple reaction? What if it's some other type of horrible disease?

In any event I am fairly certain by now that the reaction is to cow's milk. It's a common enough reaction, apparently our bodies are not designed to process it, and my body reacts in the particular way every time I consume it.

This fact, I might point out, is completely devastating. Not only do I love drinking tea (with cow's milk, thank you), and lattes, but I love a big glass of cow's milk, just strait up. And Ben & Jerry's, what would I do without you? It's not that I don't love some soy milk every now and again (oh it goes so well in chai with honey), but if the reaction IS to cow's milk, then I'm really going to miss it.

*small sigh*

Although, I have always wondered how to kick the junk food group, shall we say, attachment. And perhaps this is it. I dearly love eating, oh how I love to eat. But my love of eating isn't limited to the junk food group, I enjoy food food too. And I suppose unless I want to feel as though I'm dying for between 2-4 hours every time I consume dairy...I will have to stick to just that. I'm not giving up cheese though, just to be clear.


  1. cheese is the one thing i have held onto since my intolerance to dairy became apparent. they can kill me before they take my cheese away.

    - Lor

  2. *nodding head vigorously*
    I will weep over it but I will give up chocolate if necessary, not completely mind you, but I will eat it rarely...but I will NOT be able to give up cheese.