Saturday, 31 July 2010

Dear Universe...

Some time ago I was told if I wanted things I should 'put it out to the Universe' somehow. I had no idea how to do this and so I started writing letters to the Universe, of all things, and, obviously, not posting them.

Wouldn't that be funny:


Anyway, I must admit, either it worked or it didn't do anything but rather I made the things I wanted to happen, I'm not entirely sure which, but it did help me to at least identify the things that I wanted, so here goes, again:

And this time, I am actually putting it to the universe, well cyper space anyway.

Dear Universe,

A job that doesn't take over my life completely but that I feel rewarded and motivated and challenged and satisfied.

A house or apartment which I can call home and which I feel at home, and when I walk in the door I feel grateful for having, a haven, with space for my table and shelves for my books and a space for a small laundry and a large space for my clothes and for getting dressed and a full length mirror and lots of storage and windows that let in loads of light which I can open and breath cleanish air with a tree or some trees nearby so I don't feel like I live in a concrete jungle but also close enough to the city so that I feel excited about living near the city and space enough for a place to sit and work on my projects and to sit in the lovely sunlight and read a book or magazine and enough space and room to breathe so that I can love my partner without feeling snippy or resentful about anything, and so we can love and enjoy each other like we do when the pressure has been let go of.

Thank you.

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