Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I love Melbourne trams

Melbourne trams, especially the old green and yellow ones, are so lovely.

I have a vivid memory of feeling inexplicably happy sitting in an old green and yellow tram chugging along Chapel Street on a freezing cold and drizly Melbourne morning. The rain was hitting the old window panes, and droplets were splashing up from the old style window sills, and some drops even ventured inside the surprisingly warm carriage. Old, maybe, but cold, absolutely not.

These trams are getting old though. One broke down near my apartment when I was on my way home last night. Another lovely old tram came to its rescue though.

See, old trams, they're so friendly.


  1. Oooh, you took me right inside, Mary. Lovely feeling. xx G xx

  2. I love the soothing "digadigadigadigadiga" noise from the air compressor for the brakes when they stop at the lights, just to let you know they're still awake & paying attention :)