Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Storage solutions

There is actually a category on eBay called "Storage Solutions". I discovered this only a moment ago and I am feeling quite chuffed right about now.

I love storage and other useful organisational devices.

Friday, 6 August 2010

A little bud of excitement is growing inside of me

A little bud of excitement is growing inside of me, and every micrometre more of growth and buddingness releases more general buzzing of excitement. It is gathering momentum and I am finding this hard to repress.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Florence and the Machine: an amazing gig

Florence and the Machine, 3 August 2010 at Festival Hall, West Melbourne.

It was so amazing I almost have no words, except that I really have loads of words, which I will share with you now.

The set opened with the giant purple curtain (erected so we couldn't see them setting up) fell to the ground in an instant and the drummer was beating on his drums with the intro to Drummer Boy.

Florence appeared centre stage wearing a long cream coloured dress, with sleeves that had pieces of the beautiful cream fabric hanging from her elbows so that when she dances her beautiful graceful movements are enriched with all the beautiful flowy fabric following her lovely movements. Is flowy a word? Say it with me "flow-ee". She wore her fiery red hair long and flowy too. Her microphone stand had red flowers wound around it. And most impressively, she had her own drum, on which she banged (and somehow gracefully) during a few of the songs.

An enormous harp sat to the left of the stage, stummed beautifully by a man named Tom. Thanks Tom, it really was very lovely. I've never been to a gig before where there was a harp (and I thought Matthew Bellamy was a revolution).

They gradually worked their way through their only album to date, Lungs, with each song more exciting than the last. (Although they also debuted 2 new songs in total, which were both incredible and very true to their style.)

Sometimes when I see a band I love live, I'm dissapointed that their "sound" isn't captured in the same way the album captures it, or that they can't sing as well live. On her album, Florence has this enormous voice that fills every inch of the room and live her voice is every bit as enormous and incredible. Now I can add respect to the list of feelings I have of Florence.

When she sang Cosmic Love I (predictably) had tears streaming down my face. The harp, her voice, it was too much. That, and, her beautiful cream dress was made even more beautiful with her twirling around stage doing lovely graceful pirouettes and arm dancing things during much of the performance.

They thanked us for being a wonderful audience and said some lovely things about Melbourne and Australia and then left the stage, returning a few minutes later following the raucous sounds made by the clapping and stomping from the audience. They had to come back though, they hadn't done Dog Days!

The encore, a new song, followed by Kiss with a Fist and Dog Days. Florence arranged audience participation (in the form of jumping up and down) for Dog Days, and it fitted, because it's impossible to sit still when she sings that song. It makes me feel as though I'm flying through the atmosphere. Incredible.

The whole experience is my top 3 favourite gigs of all time, and it could quite possibly be number 1, a big call by anyone's standards. Okay I'll call it equal first...

Monday, 2 August 2010

Doing things

For quite some time now I have been flailing somewhat, searching for a sense of belonging to something, anything, to give me some groundedness and some perspective.

I'm over it, and I feel it's time to do something productive about it. I'm over feeling frustrated that my life is not where I imagined it would be, that essentially I've had to begin from scratch, again.

I'm going to make a point of trying to do more things. But I'm not going to make this epically difficult for myself, or unattainable, and so I'm going to space it out somewhat.

I'm going to do something every week. Just one thing. Not necessarily new, not necessarily amazing or impressive, but something.

Since I am a blank canvass ready to be filled with life's rich pleasures I'm going to start filling. Some will fail, some will succeed and some will be mediocre. I can't wait!

Today I was reading magazines, I love reading magazines as I am quite creative and find myself feeling inspired looking through their pages. I saw some fantastic things that in turn stirred loads of ideas in my head. This week I'm going to knit something with pom poms.

As I wrote that line I must admit I felt a little twinge of fear. What if I don't? Well, if I don't I don't but oh it'll be lovely to get the ol' needles out again and make something.

And of course, I'll keep you posted.