Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The nook of happiness

This is one of my favourite nooks of happiness. I have a few favourite nooks and this corner is one of them. 

Today my nook of happiness provides me a place I can sit, comfy in the armchair, with my book, writing pad, and magazine all within reaching distance, while the windows are open beside me so I can feel the cool air, hear the rain, and see the lightening of the spring storm we're enjoying today. It is just splendid. 

I have always loved nooks. When I was very young I used to sit in this very corner (pre armchair days) and play with my toys. I would line up all my teddies and my cabbage patch doll and play doctors, or schools, or anything my imagination fancied. It was perfect for play. I could see out, open a window and enjoy the air, and the window sill provides the perfect little shelf. 

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