Friday, 1 October 2010

One fine spring day

I awake later than I would have if I was working. Lovely.

I shower at a leisurely pace. Beautiful.

I clean out my new old coffee machine with two parts water and one part vinegar and make myself and my sister a coffee. Delicious.

My sister lays out her card deck (for Killer Bunnies) on the outdoor table in the backyard and arranges our chairs for maximum sun exposure. It is sunny outside. Devine.

Bundaberg Ginger beer is cracked. Scrumptious.

As the sun moves across the sky, we shift our chairs; the sunlight kissing our pasty winter skin too enjoyable to farewell. Wonderful.

Mum asks me, "what should we have for tea?" Following a few halfhearted ideas, Mum exclaims, "barbeque!!!". I love it. Sausages, onions, Greek salad, and corn on the cob. Spectacular.

We light the barbeque, make a fire in the Mexican oven, and cook the snags. The corn on the cob (plus butter, salt and pepper) is a party in my mouth.

I ring my boyfriend and say I would like nothing more than to be scooped up in one of his hugs, and that his presence here would make this awesome day even more magnificent.

Mum and I sit beside the Mexican oven toasting our chilly legs near the hot coals. Toasty.

I am the last one out here, inching my chair closer and closer as the coals die down, reluctant to go.

My sun filled body is happily dozy, wanting me to carry it off to bed. But I am finding it is almost impossible to say goodbye to this one fine spring day.

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