Monday, 4 October 2010

Riding in the sun

The weekend just gone was magic. It was the first real spring-weather weekend this year, and it didn't let us down. Not even once. 

I had gained quite a bit of colour on the Friday, playing cards outside with my sister, and so my sweet boyfriend diligently kept an eye on the sun, making sure my burnt shoulders were shaded for the most part. 

On Sunday we rode our bicycles (they were very excited to leave the house, it'd been a while) to St Kilda for a (Subway) picnic and to read our books in the (partial) sun.  We followed the shade around our palm tree, me with my shoulders in the shade but my legs in the sun. It was lovely until the shade was on the had rocky sandy soil and comfort became impossible. We rode on. 

The Albert Park lake is surrounded by green, luscious, soft grass, too irresistible to ride past and do there we sat until we were hungry again and it was almost dinner time. 

Simply lovely. 

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