Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I heart policies

I recently discovered I am an E(borderline I)NTJ, and so it follows that I like certainty, and for everything to be in its place... and quite neatly, of course.

I have implemented a number of personal policies by which I live my daily life. I love my policies. They make life so much simpler. And in some ways it's humorous and comforting objectifying my preferences, if you like.

There's my No Purchasing of Televisions policy (applied strictly to the purchasing of televisions, watching it is fine of course). For me buying a television is such a waste of money. Behold technology! I have a MacBook. It plays DVD's. I have wifi and fancy speakers, and a very clever technologically savvy boyfriend. 'Nough said.

And then there is my Constant Presence of Ice cream in the Freezer policy (applicable even in the event of dieting). In case of emergency. I'm sure you approve...

Big Bag policies. Love 'em. I don't want to carry 532 items in my hands, tied around my waist, hanging off my shoulders, in pockets. No! Just give me one big ol' zip up Country Road duffle and let me throw everything in there. My right shoulder is quite strong.

I refuse to use (and do not accept if it is used towards me either) the word "too" as an adverb to modify an adjective used to descibe a person. Nobody is too anything. This is my Rufusal to Use the Word "Too" as a Modifying Adverb policy.

My sister has a very strict 'Eat Your Marshmellow's Very Carefully Policy' (although I suspect it's more of a mandate, that one).

Another favourite of mine is the Let your Rant Out policy. I'm a great advocate of this one. If I need to have a rant, at any point during the day, my policy allows me to find a way. Even if this means stomping along on my own and having a rant to myself in my head (though I suspect some of it spills out). And, I hold it against noone seen to be doing the same!

Yeh. I love policies.