Monday, 31 October 2011

It's the careful art of making coffee

We Melbourne residents are lucky to live in a city thriving on good coffee. I've lived in a few different places, and Melbourne wins on the coffee front. Hands down, there's just no contest.

But, even in Coffee Capital, it is still (vaguely) possible to come across a bad coffee every now and again. I do try to avoid it, but there you go.

This morning I came painfully close to drinking a Bad Coffee. I ordered a latte-to-go. She made it and off I went. The first sip burnt the hell out of my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I'd taken a good swig, just not expecting it to be so hot. Latte: pretty certain it's not supposed to be scalding.

Once the remaining three taste buds in mouth recovered I was pleasantly surprised to find my coffee wasn't burnt, but close enough to delicious that I was able to enjoy it all the way to work.

I do love a good coffee.

Where to get a good coffee in Melbourne (a ridiculously good coffee, that is, there's good coffee everywhere):

For those of you south of the river, head to Babble, 4 Izett Street Prahran

Otherwise, stick to the awesome side, or to the city
Make Madame Sousou your local haunt @ 231 Brunswick Street Fitzroy
Or head to Provenance @ 288 Smith Street Collingwood - and ask Dave to make your coffee (sorry mate but you do rock at it)

If you're in the city, Espresso @ 23 Degraves Street Melbourne
Or The Mess Hall @ 51 Bourke Street Melbourne

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