Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Yoga, tears and fears and letting it all hang out

Last night I experienced my first mid-yoga-practice cry. 

I was in savasana at the end of a particularly overwhelming practice, and unable to quash it any longer cried silently so much the years were running down my cheeks, over my neck and then around down my back. (In savasana you're in your back, see.)

Although quite intense, it felt good to get it out. 

That's the funny thing about yoga. You think, "nah you're just moving your body", but you're exposing yourself to all sorts of thoughts and emotions - ones that during your practice you can't necessarily distract yourself from. 

For a moment in time you're looking at yourself, just as you are. 


  1. Wow - yeah, I have experienced this too. Crazy what yoga can release, huh?