Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Reflecting on the year that has been 2011

Over the weekend I picked up my new Kikki.K diary for 2012 (it's super cute), and started filling it out. I do the same thing around this time every year, as I haven't really yet gotten used to using my iPhone calendar (that and I still enjoy using a pen).

Copying over the annual appointments such as birthdays and anniversaries gave me a chance to reflect on the year that has been.

There have been parties, dinners, breakfasts (so many breakfasts), coffees and movies. Catching up, making up, rebuilding, bonding, growing, and breaking down. Moving house...twice, festivals (hopefully I can go to L'Oreal Fashion Festival again next year, that was amazing), learning new things, photographing, blogging (I reached 3000 hits yesterday), singing and dancing (mostly in my own bedroom). New beginnings and wonderfully welcome endings. Saying goodbye to personal issues, and realising new strengths. Discovering new and delightful things in wonderfully familiar people, realising and coming to terms with the good in everyone (no matter how buried or subtle), and taking a few steps closer to self acceptance, compassion and understanding.

It's been the biggest year of growth in my entire life, and I'm grateful for every minute of it. The laughter, tears, worry, relief...the cathartic release of fears...the new home (and the garden which gets a special mention), and of course the Jean in tan Jo Mercer shoes...all of it.

Of course this year (for me) would not have been possible without the special attention and patience from a few key people. My beautiful, wonderfully gentle and caring boyfriend, my amazing and tirelessly supportive family, my incredible friends (you know who you are *nodding solemnly*), my psychologist (who has consistently gone above and beyond), my doctor, and everyone else in the world who contributed to my successful 2011 (I know that's quite vague but I didn't want to leave anyone out...okay, for example Bev Aisbett for writing her fabulous book "Living with 'IT'").

Thank you all.

Maybe oddly to you, I'd like to thank a part of myself who I've been just delighted to meet. She can get fairly feisty, but she's determined, brave, considerate and patient...and she has never given up on me.

Signing off for 2011,
Mary xx

Monday, 19 December 2011

A very merry Christmas

The days leading up to Christmas are crazy, hectic, exciting, stressful, fattening, and completely exhausting, but there is something magical about the atmosphere around this time of year. Over the weekend I spent a lot of time meandering around shops doing my Christmas shopping. It was just lovely. Everything was bustling, and there was a buzz of excitement in the air. At night time buskers are out in full force, there are people everywhere, and the city is dotted with fairy lights and hanging lanterns.

Everyone is busily thinking of presents to buy loved ones, trying to plan and shop for Christmas day menus...and looking forward to some time off.

This year I am particularly enjoying my Christmas. Being happily installed in my new home, surrounded by the most amazing family and friends, and looking forward to an exciting new year.

After having walked around Fitzroy and Collingwood on Saturday, and all the city on Sunday, yesterday my feet felt like they were going to fall off, but I had a little buzz of happy contentment deap inside. This year I've lovely gifts for everyone, a wonderful Christmas day with my beautiful boyfriend and my family to look forward to, some time off, and (unusually for this time of year) 2 weddings to attend.

I've got everything.