Sunday, 15 April 2012


To imagine India: tis not difficult.

Close your eyes and imagine polluted air with the smell of incense and spices and poo. Picture crumbling buildings and extremes in opposite nature, beautiful architecture and utter disrepair. Add a generous number of cows wandering around, and also plenty of dogs and goats. Groups of Indian men staring at you, uninterupted and unashamedly. People bugging you at every corner offering goods, services, rides, food or asking for money. Cars, bikes, trucks, tractors, rickshaws, vehicles of all kinds swarm the streets swerving for the smallest of gaps. Imagine beeping and honking, constantly. Constantly. Beep beeeeep beep beeeeeep beep. The road rules here are easy: beep, wave (with your hand), flash your lights, and pray for good luck. We've seen 5 car accidents in the past 3 days. It is so noisy here.

Men who run the shops will strike conversation with any westerner. "Hello madam ji, you are good?...where are you from?...would you like to see my shop?..." It is always the same.

There are places here though that somehow feel so peaceful. When you stand in these places it all just stops and the beeping ceases and it's just you in the quiet.

We're exploring Jaipur tomorrow: the pink city. I'm so excited - we only arrived here a few hours ago but already this place is incredible. I can hear beeping from my hotel room but it's a fair way off and it is lovely up here in our beautiful room.

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