Saturday, 21 April 2012

Mama Momo's momos

Mama Momo's momos in Mcleod (near Dharumsala, India) come highly recommended, at least by me, my cousin J and my mate, C.

A momo is similar to a dumpling, but is momo (more) delicious.

Mama Momo presides over her Tibetan kitchen cafe in Mcleod, comfortable with certain knowledge her cafe is one of the best. Beating off annoying travellers.

Not impressed by requests for garlic sauce on the side, and extra tofu on top. Menus snatched from the travellers and slapped on top of the fridge.

Not impressed by an arrogant smoker, smoking inside the cafe, "be careful if police come they will fine you, and be careful of me too!"

Our momos came out. Steamed vege momo with sweet soy sauce. Steamed spinach momo with sweet soy sauce - the freshest green food we've eaten since arriving. Scurvy worries (at least mine) resolved. Fried cheese, which is really fried vege momo with a little cheese. Not as fat-bomb as we initially thought.

Halfway through we realise our mistake. So many momo's, will send us into a momocoma. Leaving for momonap.

Mama Momo even has change for a 500 rupee note. We love Mama Momo.

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