Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Is there anything more wonderful than watching passionate people do that thing they love to do? Cooking shows have always been a favourite of mine. Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, The Cook and The Chef, you might say the lifestyle channel gets a work out when I'm around. And then there's Masterchef.

I know, I know, they drag everything on and it's suspenseful and probably unnecessarily so. But I love the enthusiasm. The judge's enthusiasm, the contestant's enthusiasm. The excitement and the tears, I love it all.

I hear Masterchef is in a little trouble in the ratings department. I'm pretty much devastated. It's one of those shows I look forward to, even before a new season starts. I have such fond memories of sitting in my apartment and watching the plot twists and turns. Of yelling at the television when things get intense and even at times getting a bit teary when things don't go well for a favourite. At times the contestants feel like friends.

I hope the producers get it right for the public so it stays on air. I love Masterchef!

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