Sunday, 22 July 2012

Childhood favourites

When I was a little girl, it was just me and my Dad for a while (until I was 4). After dinner my Dad would often cut up a piece of fruit for us to eat. Oranges were cut into eight and eaten in their skins. But pears, pears were my favourite. Dad would cut of the top for me to eat off that little pear stalk. I love eating pears that way, even now, it always takes me back.

Dad and I had loads of traditions like that. He played his acoustic guitar most nights. Whenever he changed his guitar strings, I always helped. I loved watching him take the strings out of the little square paper packets. The string was placed carefully over the little peg that goes into the bit (I should know the terminology but I've forgotten) and then travels up the neck and threaded through those tuning peggy things. And then he would tune, old school with a tuning fork. He always tuned his guitar and then played a song (he'd written himself I think, my Dad was a muso when he was in his 20s). It was always the same song.

I loved those times. Of course, it was wonderful when my Mum came along! But I still enjoyed those times when it was just me and my Dad.

[Image source: The Nature Food (nature livings blogspot): Vitamins and minerals - Pear, click here]

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