Monday, 9 July 2012

Look me in the eye, by John Elder Robison

Have you read Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs? Fabulous book. A little confronting at points but fabulous nonetheless. You'll laugh out loud I guarantee it.

Well, Augusten has an older brother. He writes about his brother in his book, but from memory he's not around a lot (as he's quite a bit older than Augusten).

Well. His older brother is John Elder Robinson, and he has written a book, Look me in the eye. It's a book about growing up with Asperger's.

It's incredible. Engaging, funny (the laugh out loud kind), thought provoking, so insightful, inspiring and above all, interesting. I've found it quite hard to put down, and have devoured it in record time.

You won't regret reading it. A wonderful insight into the life of an amazing man with Asperger's - from day dot to well into his adulthood. His stories are incredible, and his story is incredible.

I highly recommend reading it.

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