Friday, 6 July 2012

Unexpected solutions

Sometimes solutions come from the most unexpected of places. For the first time in more than 3 years I have my very own car to drive. I am quite excited about the prospect of a little independent freedom. For me this opens up so many more options and opportunities and makes so much of my life just that little bit easier.

For quite some time now I have lived very close to CBD areas (first in Brisbane, then in Melbourne). Close to public transport, and close to other amenities. Public transport is easy once you get used to it, actually much preferable in some ways (no stress of petrol, car repairs, and you can read on a tram) and taxi's fill in the more difficult of journey challanges. For a very long time I've prided myself on not having a car, and getting around (mostly) on my own.

But now I'm excited about a new chapter! I will be able to get around relying less on my friends and family for favours (have you ever tried to move house without a car? Carrying 40 (empty) boxes home on the tram over a number of trips isn't much fun...and taking Ikea furniture home on the tram isn't great either -though I only did that once), and instead maybe return a few for a while!

I never thought I'd feel proud for owning one, and I'm still not certain I am proud exactly...but I am excited.

And I can still catch the tram.


  1. as with anything, it's all about balance. you can get away with not having a car 90% of the time living close to the city & public transport but there's occasions where it's just downright convenient to have a little hatchback to pick up some things from ikea, do a big load of shopping, or just drive out into the countryside for the afternoon :)

    1. I couldn't have said it better myself! :)