Wednesday, 12 September 2012


It's Liptember!!!

I am wearing lippy (something I never do) throughout September (Liptember!) to raise awareness for women's mental health issues.

Loads of people have sponsored me already (thank you thank you thank you) to wear lippy in Liptember! If you would like to sponsor me too click here and follow the instructions. It's easy! Every dollar helps.

All money raised goes to Lifeline and the Centre for Women's Mental Health (at the Royal Women's Hospital).

Both amazing causes, Lifeline is a 24 hour crisis support service connecting Australians with trained volunteers who can provide emotional support to anyone, anywhere, anytime. The Centre for Women's Mental Health is the only gender specific mental health clinic in Australia, providing national research and programs for gender specific mental health issues for women.

Having lived through a period in my life experiencing extreme anxiety I have utilised the Lifeline service a couple of times. The people that work there provide amazing telephone support for people in crisis.

To sponsor me use this link!

Or don your lippy this month to show your support!


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