Thursday, 18 October 2012

Sweetness in sadness

Sometimes sadness can be such a sweet feeling. Make no mistake, sadness is sad. But there is a sweetness to it too.

For me, reflecting on past hurts can carry so much emotion. Some rawer than others. And it runs deep. I tend not to experience numbness from strong emotion, although sometimes I do bury it - it always comes out in one form or another.

I find crying a cathartic and effective way to release pain. Oh, how I do love a good cry. To just feel those fat tears rolling down your face, and sob a bit, and then it passes and the tears dry. Sort of like evidence of the pain passing. I love to really feel that sadness. Not wallow in it, but feel it, and release it, and move on.

Other times I find a good release is to have a big sigh, if a cry seems too much. You just take a deep breath and let it out as noisily as possible.

Just breathe in. Hold it a moment. And let it out, go on, make some noise.

Repeat if necessary.

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