Friday, 5 October 2012

One of the best holidays ever

Dedicated to my dear friend, A.

One of the best holidays I ever had, I spent at home.

I wanted a week off to do not much of anything. I wanted time to take some photos, and set up my website, and eat breakfast out and read the paper every day. I wanted to just decompress.

So I took a whole week off from work (annual leave). And I stayed home.

Each morning, I slept until 9.30am. Each morning, I showered, dressed and got myself over to Newtown SC for breakfast. I ordered the museli most mornings - it's delicious - and a latte. Sat in the window seat and read the paper.

By late morning I would usually feel like plugging away at the website or taking photos of my vintage stock.

I read magazines, and spent a lazy afternoon at My Beautiful Laundrette.

I meandered around Fitzroy and Collingwood, and had a massage.

I basically did nothing, and it was just wonderful.

One of the best holidays ever.

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