Monday, 26 November 2012

Black Friday 2012

Have you seen some of the footage on YouTube of Black Friday 2012?

Being that I work in the retail industry, I was mildly curious when I read this article in the Age today.

Oh. Boy.

It's mass hysteria on crack. Seriously. I watched, completely horrified at the extent of hysteria. The screaming. The grabbing, and shoving. The fighting. The desperation. It's just awful.

It reminded me (a smidge) of our sample sales at work. Your brain just goes a bit crazy with all the amazingly cheap clothing and the fever in the air is absolutely contagious.

The footage made my skin crawl, and made a familiar bubble of anxiety creep up my throat. It made me very, very glad I wasn't there, at those Black Friday sales.

It also made me feel a momentary sense of gratefulness that I've found some stillness in my life. I've been desperate in my life. Not for a bargain...but for emotional calm. And now I've found it I'm extremely grateful for it.

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