Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Fast forward the hard bits

I looked in the mirror today and saw myself grinning back.

I've done a lot of hard work and been through some pretty difficult stuff in the past couple of years. During the really hard bits I found myself wondering if I'd ever come out of it. At times I desperately wanted to fast forward into the future, to a time I was just me and happy again. I'm not saying the last few years have been all bad. There have been magnificent (amazing) bits - and certainly this past year has mostly been fantastic - and I wouldn't have changed anything.

Today I just realised that you can't fast forward through the hard bits. Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes things really suck, and that's okay. Time moves us on anyway. And we make it in the end, with patience, persistence, hard work and determination.

We can't fast forward through the hard bits. But we can be kind to and patient with ourselves. And to others. And we can hope that when the hard bits arrive the people in our corner will be kind to and patient with us.

I looked in the mirror tonight I saw myself grinning back. I couldn't fast forward but I made it here anyway.

[Picture taken by my wonderful boyfriend Peter Geranio]

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