Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Would you sell yourself

Would you sell everything you loved and wanted from your life in exchange for something else? Not just for money, although that's the obvious example. I mean loads of other things as well. Gadgets, big house, security, security, certainty even. Status quo. Comfort.

Years ago I found myself 'sold out' in that way, if you like. In multiple situations I didn't want to be in but had no idea how to change them. I swapped certainty and money for those things I truly wanted. I sold myself. I acted without bravery and as a result I sold myself way short.

I did eventually find my courage and changed my situations. Less certainty. Less money. It took a long time. And a lot of courage. But guess what? I now have everything I always wanted.  Everything.

It is so hard to live a life sold short for something. It's never worth it. It's always better to take the leap and find the courage. I found it so hard but I did it. And it was worth it!

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