Monday, 6 January 2014

Moments like these

I've had a lot of time to sit and reflect recently. It's been wonderful.

I've had a few weeks off work for the Christmas break, and some time alone in a friendly house, to sit, be me, and think without speaking. I feel as though I'm processing life like a mo-fo at the moment, moving through, digesting, and expelling things I previously never thought I would have a chance to even contemplate.

Sometimes I just sit and look out my bedroom window, up at the sky. Sometimes I watch the breeze move the daisies that sit accross from my window sill. It's nice to have time to stare at nothing in particular and observe the often hilarious (sometimes not) thoughts that cross my mind.

I often have words and I have been writing a lot lately. Sometimes there are no words only feelings or images. Those are okay too and I wish I was more comfortable with drawing them.

I also wish it was warmer, hotter. I miss feeling that lazy sluggishness that only comes on hot summer days. Determined for summer yesterday I wore my little denim shorts. I was freezing by late afternoon so I added long socks and a hoodie (*shakes fist at the sun).

I know it's inevitable that I will not remain in this place of quiet contemplation. I hope to come back to it often.

Happy new year to all. So far it's been a ripper.

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