Friday, 31 January 2014

My sister, aka little Houdini

My sister is 6 years younger than me. Growing up, we were always hanging out and getting up to mischief together.

We loved playing together but I also needed time alone (still do).

Often, she would want to hang out and I would want to sit quietly in my room and just stare out of the window or play with my Lego. This didn't work for my sister so she would invest lots of time trying to get into my room to hang out. It became a bit of a game. I'd run to my room and close the door. She'd invent all sorts of ways to get in (even once or twice, through my open window).

I don't remember how it started, but one day I got it in my head to tie her to the tree. This particular tree was our favourite. It was a large golden elm that was behind our family house. Huge. My sister and I spent many happy hours climbing that tree, and playing under it. I think one day we must have been hanging out in the tree and I had an idea to use a handy skipping rope to tie her to it, so she couldn't beat me back to my room for some quiet time.

I couldn't believe but she actually went along with it. She even held out her arms against the chosen branches while I slowly tied the knots as tightly as I could without hurting her. She just grinned her little cheeky grin the whole time. [Side note: now she tells me she knew how to get out of being tied to a tree from reading Famous Five books - she was and still is an avid reader.]

After I had tied her firmly (as I believed) in place, to the tree, I meandered inside to my bedroom and sat down. I heard her little footsteps run up to my door and her giggle as she opened it.

I couldn't believe she'd gotton out of my carefully crafted knots!

So I took her back to the tree, and tied the knots a little differently, and added a few more loops here and there.

But again, a few short minutes later, her little head appeared in my doorway.

For months after, I had to get super creative with my knot tying skills. But nomatter how I did it, nomatter how I tied those knots, she'd always somehow wiggle free (and super quickly too) and return to me for some big sister time.

Cheeky little Houdini.

This is me and my sister, trying to look angelic...(we SO weren't)

Back in the day we were total dags, but ironically this is considered the height of hipster fashion now. Ha!

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