Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Epic dreams are the best, the BEST!

I wrote this post last week...:

I love dreams. Like the kind when you're asleep and you have a dream.

"I had a dream!"

*holds arms out wide

Anyway last night I woke at 3 am covered in sweat and super thirsty. It wasn't hot last night, warm, but not too hot. But sometimes if I overheat in my sleep (thanks to our "friends" at Pfizer) my body can't self regulate its temperature when I sleep and if I'm under too hot a blanket I epically overheat. Pfizer calls that side effect night sweats. I call it epic night dehydration sweats. It's sort of a really big pain in the arse but I've learnt what to do, and for me it's just been something to manage - worth the pain for the gain I've had on a drug I'm currently on, Effexor, for GAD [side note: I'm coming off them soon and I am So. Excited.].

Anywhooo, occasionally I put the wrong blanket on - and then I overheat and have weird dreams. They're fantastic. Like I said, I love dreams and have epic amazing ones even sans Effexor, but last night was deffo an epic night sweat dream.

So. Good. Tim Allen was in it, with his wife from that show he was in. I ordered a hot dog made in a donut bun and travelled on escalators that were so skinny you couldn't squeeze past anyone. I remember what I had on the hotdog too. And how it tasted. Delicious. I remember the young girl who served me, and when I told her she was super cute she cried and so did her mum (who also worked there). I did a jump and bomb into an enormous birthday cake (my sisters) that was made like a giant wagon wheel and had jam and marshmellows inside of it. It must have been a metre high, that cake. Then we all got covered in cake trying to reach in for the good bits.

I somehow ended up at my old Uni in Townsville, trying to find my car in the parking lot (haha such a common thing for me I always wind up forgetting where I park) and running late to pick up my ex partner from the airport (even though I haven't seen him in years and that was no different in my dream).

It was a higgledy piggledy mixture of random thoughts and memories I'd had during the day that played out so vividly. In the coolest way.

When I woke at 3 am I was so thirsty (from loosing approximately 3 litres of fluid...maybe, that's an estimate) I gulped down a bottle of water and sat outside for awhile looking up at the stars. It was a clear night last night, even though there were huge bushfires in Victoria yesterday. Maybe it was hazy out in the country but here in the city it was quiet and clear and still and beautiful.

I could hear the hum of the streetsweeper nearby, and the odd car passing down High Street.

It used to really bother me if I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep. Now it's like a magical secret I get to enjoy on my own while everyone else is fast asleep. I read myself little bits and pieces I've collected and written on my phone over the last few weeks and enjoyed the stillness until I felt my eyelids go heavy, then returned to bed. On a towel. Just incase, and with a lighter blanket.

The weird dreams continued but I woke up dry. Phew.

I am STILL thirsty though. Ha! I cannie wait for May, when I start weening off them again. Awful, disorienting process (physically, that is, it's kinda scary how potent those things are -even though I'm on the lowest dose humanly possible- necessary evil) but I'm super excited 'bout coming off them. Excited that my doc (lovely man) is excited about me coming off them too.

*fist pumps like a five year old
*takes sip of Berocca (gotta replenish my electrolites!)

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