Friday, 7 February 2014

Everywhere I look, my future looks bright

I woke up yesterday with a really strong sense that life is bright.

That whatever happens, it's all going to be okay. Better than that, actually, great.

Last night after work I had to go to Doncaster Shopping Centre, to visit the Apple store to have my phone replaced. The lock button was broken. Still under warranty so it was free (phew). I strongly dislike shopping centres. Strongly dislike. Anyway the Apple store was buzzing and I got my new handset, which is great coz I was sick of using the accessibility assist feature. Stupid.

Driving home I hadn't had a chance to re-add my music onto my phone, obviously. So I searched around in my glove box and found a CD I hadn't listened to in ages. It's not a CD I'm terribly proud to own but I chucked it in and started singing along (as I usually do).

Then a song came on that I nearly skipped.

Possessionless, by Delta Goodrem. Yup, Delta. Laugh all you want, she's talented. I'm a bit piano obsessed and her voice is like a bell to my ears.

This song, in particular, I know inside out. But I don't think (until last night anyway) I could really relate to the lyrics. Halfway through singing my lungs out it hit me.

Finally I could relate to it.

Delta aside, the words in that song are incredible.

And it's me. She could have written it for me.

Right now, it's enough. I'm enough. I'm content and flawed and it's all okay.

All the things that I've collected
Stones and shells
Every word in every book
Upon my shelves
Only form a brief description of myself
But they don't define who I am
I don't think anything can, no

If I strip away the non-necessities
All the damage all the mess surrounding me
I don't crave what I have not
I don't need more than I've got
It's just me that I offer up

All I got is my body
And it's naked for you
All I got is this heart
That I'm willing to lose
I know in this life
I give it everything
All I got is this soul and
Its shedding its clothes
Do you see who I am now
You're standing this close
You know in these arms
You're feeling everything

I'm learning what to give
What to protect
To look into the mirror
Though I'm not perfect
It's still a work in progress
Hasn't finished yet
Wanna be transparent
See through
Not gonna hide me from you

I'm completely undressed
But I couldn't care less
I'm standing here possessionless
It's the only true test
When the only thing left
Is a love that is possessionless
I don't crave what I have not
I don't need more than I've got
It's just me that I offer up

You know in these arms
You're feeling everything

This morning on my way to work I took a couple of photos. For no reason other than capturing a few things I saw that I thought looked lovely. Bright sunny day in Melbourne here today. Just wonderful.

Happy Friday!

(This one was from yesterday.)

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