Sunday, 9 February 2014

Hanging out with children

Children amaze me. Never fails. They're people, but just small and young. Innocent.

Yesterday I got to enjoy hanging out with a 5 year old boy with some friends of mine. We had such a lot of fun throwing him around in the pool, hiding his goggles. He had just the right amount of cheeky without any naughty. What a joy.

It's fun sometimes to forget everything except the simple things. I find hanging out with kids is an easy way to do that. Sometimes, if the moment is right, you even get to see everything from their perspective again.

Lego, dinosaurs, the warmer-warmer-hot-hotttter-colder game, mucking around in a pool. For hours.

Simple stuff, but often I forget how lovely it is.

Side note: wear a one piece swim suit when hanging out with kids. Juss' sayin'.

Hope I get to do that again soon. 

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