Monday, 24 February 2014

I've always loved birthdays

I've always loved birthdays. Birthdays are my thang.

It's mine today! (Feel free to wish me a happy birthday).

People have asked me "what are you doing for your birthday?"

I give the same answer I give every year.

Nothing in particular. 

It's more about everything else. 

Family dinner tonight at my parents house. Mum's cooking my favourite meal (chicken schnitzel, she makes The Best chicken schnitzel in the world (there's no contest), with mash potatoes, beans and corn on the cob. Choc pudding for dessert coz that's my sister's favourite). 

The girls will make a fuss over me at work. 

I got huge hugs and kisses this morning from my housies, my second family. And a happy birthday sign on the wall outside my bedroom. 

On my way to work I'll listen to my favourite songs at the moment, by Clare Bowditch (thanks Clare!). 

And I'm wearing all my favourite clothes. My fav jeans, fav tshirt (both from Nippon - my fav place to visit), my fav vest by Dogstar, fav necklace, and fav comfy undies. My fav wedding present socks from a very good friend to celebrate me "marrying" my favourite shoes, my brogues (which I'm also wearing, of course).

So much joy packed onto my body today. 


It's even my favourite weather today (sunny mid 20's), a gift from BOM I'm sure. Mind you I'd think it was a gift if it rained too... Haha

I love that I share my birthday with my amazing friend Kate (she gave me my wedding present socks). She's incredible and we have so much in common, I feel. Happy birthday us!

Since turning 30 my birthday also signifies something else. Something totally weird and bizarre and I'm never sure how to feel about it exactly. I'm older than my biological mother now. It's strange. 

Anyway coming to work today in my car I usually hate Punt Road with a vengeance but this morning I was happy to sit in the traffic. I got to hear all my fav Bowditch songs. Some of them twice.

These ones twice.

Thin Skin-
"We're so lucky to feel the world the way we do...
We should be, we could be so happy"

(Even though I disagree with the premise of the song, sorry Clare, life for me isn't about being happy, it's unrealistic and living fully means a bit of pain from time to time.) 

One Little River- (this song is so me)
"Your heart wants to speak the truth, your heart longs to be known...Go on let it all out (oooo-oooo) go on say too much, let someone know you, let it all out".

My phone has been dinging all morning. I adore peoples messages of love. That's my favourite part of birthdays. The love part. And Mum's chicken schnitzel.

Thanks everyone! :)

(Note: Even though my biological mother died when she was 30 (and I was a wee baby) I have another lady who I call Mum, coz she's me' Mum. She raised me. It gets confusing, sorry. I've written a little about it here but you can read about it when I finish my book.)

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