Monday, 17 February 2014

I'm so not a handbag person

When I was at uni I didn't own a handbag. I carried an old green enviro shopping bag that I got at Woolies over my shoulder. It was a great size. Fit all my books and my laptop, and it was so easy to find everything.

Yeh so it was a bit mangey after a year or so but it sorta matched the rest of me at the time.

No one ever thought to steal it or anything from it either. Handy.

Anyway one day my friend chucked the shits with me over it and bought me a handbag. Like a proper lady handbag. (screws up nose a little)

I love those zip up canvass Country Road totes. They fit everything.

I'm not anti handbags, obviously. I just don't really love them. I'm a carrier. I like my tote empty most of the time, but sometimes I need stuff.

Work pass
Diary (planner, not the dear diary kind)
Little purse for my womanly things
Bottle of water

The handle on my tote broke recently tho and I was super spewing. (My last CR tote lasted me a decent 4 years before the canvass around the handles wore out so bad there were holes and rips and I had to upgrade, to a new CR tote.) So you can imagine my surprise when just after 1 short year this new one broke.

Anyway, true to form, I wrote CR a letter.

And the response was a very pleasant surprise. "Bring it in we'll exchange it for you", essentially.


So I took it in, showed the lady the broken handle. Offered to show her the email (which she declined, trusting woman -bless). She exchanged it for me. New unbroken tote in my possession. Free.

Go-go Country Road customer service!

Apparently they take faulty items quite seriously. In...deed.

'Till next time (hopefully in 5 years or when this tote has completely worn out)...

(waves cheerily)

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