Sunday, 23 February 2014

Local spots where life happens

I have a local cafe that I love coming to.

I come here to write, and to be alone. I bring friends here sometimes, and I've made new friends here too.

I come here often. I'm there now.

I can't tell you the name, because then you'll know where I live. Sort of.

I love when I walk in the owner yells out to me, "goooood moorrrrning Marrrrry"! I always yell back my greeting too.

I love that the young girls working behind the counter know my coffee order, and I know things about their lives too.

I love the crazy music they play here. Well, I don't love the music itself, I love the fact that it's crazy.

I love that they don't have those loyalty coffee cards. I don't need a piece of paper to show my loyalty anyhow, and even if they had them I wouldn't bother with it.

I've made a friend, here at ____'s. He's here an awful lot here too, so we've gotten to know each other a bit. He tells me about his boyfriend ("I've only been dating him a few months Mary but we're just having such a great tiiiime"), and he needed a property lawyer so I helped him out with a strongly worded letter (my specialty). He said, "see?! Everything happens at ____'s!" He calls me sweetheart and we laugh a lot and I love bumping into him.

It's always really buzzing, this place. It opens early and it closes late.

I love living nearby, it's one of the top 3 places I've ever lived in for sure - and I've lived in a looooot of places - 18 if you count the loft in the city I lived in for 6 days, and at least another 5 if you count temporary foster homes. A big part of the reason this is so great is the community here. There's no supermarket nearby, which I love because I hate stupidmarkets, only a market and a family owned milk bar with a lovely old lady and her son who work there and we talk about the weather and various other things. You remember? Those milk bars that used to be everywhere and when 7 Eleven came along they all went broke? Well, not this one. Thankfully!

It's bliss.


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