Monday, 10 February 2014

My writing callus

I have a writing callus on my right digitus medius (middle finger - FYI I totally had to Google that, I'm a little bit in love with Latin).  

I got it when I was at uni studying law. It developed into a much bigger callus during my final year, when I was writing my honours thesis. A 28 thousand word epic on corporate manslaughter. Would you believe me if I told you I had fun writing it?

I did. I'm a total nerd. 

The research part of it I did by hand. With 2 thick A4 notebooks and countless pens. I wrote out my observations by hand and left large margins for summarising later. It made the actual writing process much quicker in the end (if you ever need to write a thesis) even though it takes quite a lot longer to do all the reading at the initial stages.

My thesis took a year in total to complete. I had a part time job, and was finishing off the last 5 subjects of my degree - all at the same time.

I was a crazy person that year. So distracted by law that everything peripheral dropped away for a while. I became a completely absent minded, sleep deprived, corporate law obsessed individual. It was hilariously fun (for me anyway, not sure about everyone else involved).

By the time I was finished and after I handed the epic in, I was so proud of that callus, and a little bit devo at the idea it would heal (no chance of that it's never gone away).

So you can imagine my delight that as a lawyer (especially in my current job) - we still use pencils and pens and paper. Some don't, but I definitely do. Flicking through a large document is tricky on a computer screen. I won't print something if I don't have to (love trees too much for that), but if someone sends me a contract to read in hard copy, I'll sit at my desk all day with a pencil and mark it up by hand.

At times, my computer sits idling for 70% of the day, which I reckon is pretty fantastic. If I hear the email boop I'll check it's not urgent. Otherwise I can spend hours just doing my work by hand. Then every few weeks I carefully sharpen all my pencils.

*contented sigh

I have lots and lots (*whispers and lots) of favourite things, and pencils is most definitely one of them. Especially coloured pencils but I'm not sure my boss would appreciate if I coloured in all our leases.

Incidentally, there is a colouring book for lawyers and I have coloured mine in. *giggle
I used to think it was a really funny meme but now it's a little bit depressing and I'm not a high flying lawyer anymore (phew) so I'll just include the bits I still find funny.

And to be extra clear this is totally making fun of the pretentiousness and self importance of some lawyers (deffo not all). There are PLENTY of amazing down to earth lawyers out there who do incredibly valuable work. *whispers I'm not in either of those categories. I wore an art smock dress today to work with pineapples on it and read a lease all day. Jus' saying.

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