Saturday, 15 February 2014

One of the coolest new years'

I love early mornings.

I love going to sleep early and waking up naturally at 6am. Sans alarm.

I woke this morning at 6am, totally refreshed. Slept like a baby.

There's something wonderful about sitting outside, and listening to the stillness that only happens this time of day.

No one else is awake. There is only the odd passing car. There's a hum in the air, the hum of stillness.

It reminded me of a new year celebration I participated in years ago, when I was 16. 17? Thereabouts, it's not important.

I was camping up in the Grampions with a bunch of friends. On new year's eve we did something quite controversial. We went to bed early. With a purpose though. We all got up at 4am, drove to the highest point you can drive up one of those gorgeous mountains, took blankets and water.

And then we watched the first sun rise for the new year. There were clouds and there was mist and it was a cool summer morning. We found a spot and sat together chatting in the dark until the dawn started to show above the horizon. Then we silently watched as the sun made it's debut for that year.


Think I might go back to bed now. :)

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