Thursday, 13 February 2014

Only the brave survive

There is a song, by World's End Press, 'Only the Brave Survive'.

Great song. Great song.

*momentarily gets distracted

Anyway it reminds me of something I hold close to my heart: that true intimacy is born through honest expression of vulnerability.

That exposing our true selves, to ourselves, and to others, is the best way to cut through the bullsh!t (I said that in sign language, *whispers me' Mum cheekily taught me how, she doesn't usually swear). It's also a nifty way to find out if closeness you feel with people is real (friends, family, colleagues, lovers, everyone). There's a certain kind of honesty to it. It's organic and natural.

Hey! *me, waving

This is me!

I'm comfortable with myself I suppose, so it's not super hard for me to be honest about who I am. But at the same time I haven't always been completely up front about that one, I've had to learn and practice all of the above.

Now whenever someone tells me they think I'm cool, I know in my heart they think the real me is cool. See, no bullsh!t.

I know that they know that I know that they know Me.

Maybe it seems obvious to everyone but for me it took time to let that one sink in.

Super epic fun thing to try out! *throws confetti in the air

*nodding solemnly

(Image source, The Vine)

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