Sunday, 2 February 2014

Social media FebFast

I was motivated/encouraged this year to do FebFast. Give something up for a month to raise money for addiction. It's a short month so why not. Lots of people do it for sobriety. Alcohol free for me is just not any sort of challenge (it'd be far more of a challenge to get me to drink every day for a month). And coffee is my favourite vice, I'm keeping that one.

I needed a challenge that didn't involve caffeine withdrawals.

When I thought of not doing Facebook for a month I flinched. So that had to be it. I added in Instagram for good measure. I know on the website it says "digital" but that's not practical for me. I use my phone and my laptop for work. Sorry, clients, I'm doing FebFast. *waves cheerily

I don't think so.

So Social Media FebFast for me. Decided to keep writing/blogging though. I feel this is a safe place where I can express actual thoughts, positive or negative - no pressure to be perfect and all that (ha!).

The method to the madness? Easy. Social media sometimes for me can get a bit frenzied...wrong word. Obsessive. Still wrong word. Unproductive? I give up.



Okay so sometimes Facebook bothers me because it kinda gives the illusion that you're communicating with people, but really people are communicating. Period. Messenger/inbox Facebook-ing aside, of course, the whole status update thing is just thoughts in general or "shares" and you feel like you are still in the loop of what's going on in their lives. 

It's a double edged sword. On one hand, it's convenient (*shudders, I hate that idea). On the other hand, it's filtered. Filtered by an unspoken expectation to be witty/interesting. I fall for that. And I mean, I participate in that. I don't share on Facebook when I'm having real troubles. 

I do that here, though.

So, anyway, this month (and hopefully the habit will continue in some ways), every time I have one of those status-update-random-thought-moments, I am either: 

1. Keeping it to myself, fancy that. I have a bit of a chuckle to myself. Works every time, coz I have a sense of humour that I really appreciate (*giggles).
2. Actually communicating it to someone I know who would enjoy that particular thought. 

Okay I am aware of the irony of posting all this in a blog, but there you go. They're my reasons.

It's only day 2 and I miss Facebook and Instagram already (a bit morto about that). At the same I don't. If someone wants to tell me something they do. And if not, well I just won't know what they're up to for a while and that's okay as well.

And I'm totally digging the more frequent conversations I'm having one on one with various people, just sporadically throughout the day.

[Side note: As I was writing this post a good friend of mine sent me a text containing a written piece she thought I'd like. See? It's working, already! And she was correct it made my heart sing. FebFast success!]  
[Image by Word Porn posted on Facebook (according to my mate, of course, but currently I am unable to confirm this first hand or provide a link! We trust her though. :)]

A lot of super-incredible, important people in my life aren't even on Facebook anyway. So I suppose this isn't completely new for me.

Wait...Facebook is the new thing here. *slaps forehead

And. I am soooo not going to miss seeing hashtag "YOLO" and other such abbreviations, not that many people I know do that...but the occasional one still slips through *cringes

*shakes head
HOW hard is it to write "you only live once"?

Okay so, right, I'm off now to live my once-only life, this month enjoying it completely oblivious to everything happening in the digi' world, living mine ridgy didge. (See what I did there?) During February only, let's be clear on that.

[Second side note: Another good friend of mine texted me a random picture of a croissant 2 minutes after I got the Word Porn thing just coz she knew I'd love the gesture. Instagram hipsters are funny. I have some pretty incredible friends. *swoon]

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