Saturday, 15 February 2014

The adventures of Buzz and Woody, Part II

Part II

"Woody, what are you going to do with your gun?!"

"What do you mean, Buzz?"

[Woody tips his hat upwards and scratches his head.]

"We're in an airport Woody, we have to get through security."

"Buzz. We've been through this. I'm a toy. You're a toy."

[Buzz looks dubious.]

"Woody. I'm pretty sure they don't let toy guns through either."

"It'll be fine Buzz, stop fretting."

[Buzz starts getting a little fired up.]

"But Woody! We're all ready for our holiday. I am getting on that plane come what m..."

[Woody grins at Buzz, and interupts him.]

"Buzz! Buzz! I have a holster, this is true...but there's no gun in there."

[Buzz looks confused.]

"But Woody, didn't we the paper..."

[Buzz shakes his head.]

"...something about another Woody getting his gun confiscated at Heathrow...?"

"A fake, Buzz! That toy must have been a fake. Obviously those toy makers haven't seen the movie..."

[Woody thinks for a moment.]

"...oh oh I know maybe the other Woody was real but the kid just added his own gun!"

[Buzz peers around Woody's right side where his holster sits.]

"It's empty Buzz, see?!"

[Woody thrusts out his hip for Buzz to see clearly.]

"What's it for, then Woody?!"

[Buzz raises his eyebrows and juts his chin forward, challenging his friend.]

[Woody looks incredulous.]

"Honestly Buzz sometimes you're so oblivious to your surroundings...
...Andy's Mum might have confiscated it, I really don't know Buzz, but I've never had a gun in this ol' holster."

[Buzz still looks dubious.]

"This isn't some weird secret thing you have with Andy is it, Buzz?"

[Andy blushes.]

"Woody, as much as I used to make Andy love me more than you, he'll always love us both. And anyway Andy's grown up now. It's time for US to have our big adventures!"

[Buzz grins.]

"What flight should we get on Woody?"

"Any flight with a young kid with a backpack, Woody, but please not pink this time."

[Woody points.]

"Look Buzz! That one!" be continued
Continued from Part I. Click below to catch up: 

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