Thursday, 20 February 2014

The mystery of the backpack in Mary's car

I don't keep a very clean car. I'm not in it that often and I don't care enough.

Actually I don't keep a very clean anything. I never make my bed. Ever. I like a little bit of organised and tidy, I don't like filth, but I try not to be obsessive about cleaning. A few germs are good for your immune system anyway.

A couple of weeks back I went into the back of my car for something and noticed a backpack I hadn't seen before.

'Hmm, I wonder who that belongs to...' I wondered.

I did a mental tally of the people who'd been in my car the previous month. It was in the back of my car and the seats had been down since early in the new year. I hadn't been back there since then so it could have belonged to any one of those people. The list wasn't very long.

But I didn't recognise the bag.

I asked my housemate, "heyyyy did you leave a backpack in my car?"

"What does it look like?"

"Red with a grey stripe."

"No...have you looked in it?"

"Yeh, no clues. Scarf. Gift card. That's about it."


I texted another girlfriend, Lor. "Is this yours?" (With a pic, of course.)

"No love, sorry."

And another friend. I was running out of people.

Not his either. (But he did venture a "maybe someone broke in and gave you something". Haha.)

Hmm. Now my curiosity was super-piqued.

Only one person left on my list but I was certain it wasn't hers. I'd never seen a backpack anywhere on her person.

I texted her, "weird question, is this yours?"

"No it's Lor and Therese's" was her reply.

"Now that's even weirder, love, I just asked them and they said it didn't belong to them."

"No it's definitely theirs, they left it at my place at Christmas, and I put it in your car coz you're seeing them on the weekend sorry forgot to tell you. They left other stuff at my place too I put it all in there."


So I texted Lor again. "Ummm honey apparently the backpack IS yours...? You left it at Ash's at Christmas time with the other gear that's inside?"

This was possibly the weirdest texting triangle ever. And I've done some pretty out there texting in my time.

"Hahaha no love it's definitely not ours, maybe the stuff inside is but we've never seen that backpack!"

"Hahaha okay well allow me to introduce you to your new backpack. It has a broken zip though."

"We'll take it, so long as no one is gonna rock up on our door step and break our legs."

"It's all yours."

Mystery solved. Sort of.

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