Sunday, 2 February 2014

The time we didn't have a TV

Growing up I didn't watch a lot of telly. Instead I played with Lego and read books and played with my sister and climbed trees. Pretty glad about that.

There's something kinda off about TV.

Don't get me wrong though. I love, love, LOVE watching movies. I also love a good marathon of a few various shows. But there something nicer about having control over when I choose to do it, and for how long. There's something horrible about having life dictated by a telly schedule (I prefer dog wagging the tail). There's also something about doing it habitually for the sake of it because there's nothing 'better to do' that irks me (although sometimes vegging is completely appropriate, it's more about balance). Advertisements suck too (not that you can escape those for long).

I've lived with a mate of mine for a while. We lived in an old house in Fitzroy for a year, together. And for that whole year we didn't even own a TV. I had my laptop for movies. She had her laptop too. But there was no TV focal point in our living room.

It was bliss.

People found that odd though, which in turn I found strange.

Actually it's not uncommon for people to think I what I do is odd.

My top 5 things people find odd about me:

1. Not having a car. I didn't have one for around 5 years. Got my current car just over a year ago. I'm 32. It wasn't a money thing. I just didn't want one.

Some people found that odd.

"But how do you get around?" *said, frowning

Me: "Public transport."

"But what about shopping? Can't take your groceries on a tram!"

Me: "You so can. But anyway I have a nana cart."

"How do you move house?" [side note: I move a lot]

Me: "Man with a Van."

I loved not having a car, for me it was not hard. The only thing I missed was spontaneous road trips. So good. I sometimes miss car free me.

2. Hairy armpits. I'm female. I find it hilarious watching the horrified stares of other women when I lift my arms in something sleeveless and I haven't shaved under there for months. Classic. I'm not sorry you find it gross. I find it beautiful. It's natural and lovely and soft and not spiky.

3. Not having a kettle. I have never bought an electric kettle. I love drinking tea and I drink it often. But I like things that double up as other things. Saucepan. Water. Stove. Boiled water, my friends.

4. Preferring water to other beverages. This is an actual conversation I had recently with some girlfriends who were over at my old apartment.

*They arrived and we did the lovely-to-see-you greetings stuff...then

Me: "Oh can I get you girls a drink?"

Them: "Yes please, that'd be lovely!"

Me: *opens fridge, why I'll never know, it's usually got milk and cheese and that's pretty much it
"There's water, or milk."

Them: "Uhhhh....water?"

Me: "Sure!" *walks to cupboard for a mug (I don't own glasses either) and fills it up at the tap and hands out the mugs of water

[I'm laughing right now, it was a funny moment]

Them: "Umm, do you have any ice?"

Me: "Ha! Sorry, erm, nooo..."
*starting to feel foolish and makes mental note to find some lemons to steal in the neighbourhood and get myself something resembling a glass (but not made of glass, I'm clumsy, instead I found some lovely white enamel cups, perfect)

AND lastly,

5. Not having a TV. This one won for the strongest reactions in people. Which I find really strange, especially as I do watch shows and movies. But lots of people just couldn't understand the whole absence of TV unit.

"Where's your TV?"

"We don't have one."

*puzzled stare

And sometimes, some people would say "But....what do you do in your spare time?"

And that's. Just. It. Bingo, you've nailed it. What a good question!

Ok, so, sometimes I actually enjoy getting bored.


Bored. It won't kill you I promise. *holds arms out wide

See, my heart still beats.

Some of the most creative moments I've had have been born from sheer and sometimes tormenting boredom. (And if you're dubious about that check out my post from last week, it's a masterpiece. And yes it involved me playing with my toys. Play is good.) Some of the most enjoyable afternoons or evenings or whatever, were spent doing absolutely nothing. Staring out of my window at passing clouds and wondering what I'll be doing tomorrow. Picking at in-grown hairs on my legs. Playing Plants vs Zombies (also another favourite). Just...bored.

Pretty sure when I'm on my death bed, recalling my most favourite moments in life - I won't be thinking about TV. Although I might throw in a Seinfeld reference to lighten the mood, and assuming I don't die after senility arrives, I'll be remembering the cool stuff I did with the incredible people I met. And also some of the epic fun I had, just on my own.

The best show in town, it's in your head.

P.S. And I'm not suggesting you should throw away your TV unit, that's not great for the environment especially if you go buy another one in a month. Just sharing my random thoughts. 

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