Sunday, 16 March 2014

I learnt the art of gift giving from me' Mum

I learnt the art of gift giving from my Mum. And she learnt the art from her Dad. (See previous post here on the art of surprise visits, a beauty.)

When I was very small, almost 5, my first Christmas with my Mum was pretty a pretty special occasion.

Mum and Dad wrapped my presents then hid them all over the house.

Christmas morning was so exciting. Except there was no presents under our "tree" (our family doesn't really do Christmas trees - not in the traditional sense anyhow). Mum made some nonchalant comment about me having to find my presents and so the epic treasure hunt began. Behind cushions. Behind the couch. In cupboards. I don't remember (don't have a clue) what I got that year. I just remember the fun of the looking.

I also remember that for months after (maybe it was just a few weeks but I was small so maybe time seemed huge) I would think of a 'spot' and look there just incase I'd forgotten a present. Ha! It so didn't occur to me that Mum would have given me a hint.


Then a few years later, for my birthday. A bike. I remember that gift. Bike's are tricky things to wrap and my family doesn't really do wrapping paper. Well not for each other anyway. We use newspaper. Mum uses the nice sections like baby announcements. Or funny things. My sister is good at the funny sections too.

I digress. The bike. Difficult to wrap. Ah yes, so when it came time to "open" my birthday gift Mum handed me a piece of wool. I could only see one end of it. So I started following that piece of wool, winding it back around my fingers while I followed it, and everyone following behind me.

Lots of giggling.

So much fun.

Around the house. Back around the house again. Outside. Around the tree. Back through the house. Into the garage. Out the front of the house. Down the street a little. Around a tree back towards the house. And there it was.

Behind a fern in our front yard was a bike. The other end of the wool was tied firmly to it.

My very first bike.

But it was the art of how they gave it that made it totes special.

I love that. Sometimes it doesn't matter what's inside the newspaper (or brown paper if you're getting a gift from me). Sometimes it's all about the delivery.

And gift giving that way can be super fun too. For my sister's 21st birthday I got her 21 gifts. Some small, like a packet of whiz fizz (sorry, inside joke). Some proper gifts. PA pjs (her fav). I don't remember the others, but I wrapped them all separately and wrote a little note to go with each. I had so much fun doing it. So much fun watching her open each one. Laughing at my notes and calling me a dag. (I am a total dag, it's okay.)

I've gotten loads of the most incredible gifts in my life time. Not many of the coolest ones I've received would have cost any amount of money (and not saying I'm not grateful for them all - gifts are great no matter the kind). A poem my mate wrote me for my 30th birthday. A comic book another friend created (and in it I'm the super hero). A t-shirt I almost got for myself and then didn't but then found out my sister had already gotten it for me, yep the exact same one (how cool is that?). A pair of socks as a "wedding present" for when I "married" my brogues (yes my favourite shoes, told you I'm a total dag). Another pair of socks when my travel feet were so badly blistered they were bleeding (and that pair came off someone's feet so then they had awful blistered travel feet, which was very sweet of that person to do).

And doing gifts for people too, I remember lots of those. So much fun putting so much love into something to give to someone you think is rad.

Great lesson, Mum.  

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