Saturday, 22 March 2014

Impromptu play dates (so happy I know how to play Plants v Zombies)

I am totally addicted to Plants v Zombies 2. See here for previous post, a brief explanation of the game.

It's an incredible game. I play it a lot. *blushes

It's totally daggy I know but today I felt possibly the most intensely glad I've ever felt about being that total dag.

See, Plants v Zombies isn't the first game I've been addicted to. And I'm super loyal to things I'm into. Often for years.

Take for example the time I played Tiny Tower. I don't remember how long I played it for. Maybe 2 years. But that tower I built was really tall. Almost 200 stories tall.

Then Crystal Defenders, ahhh my old friend. I keep returning to those little soldiers and those gorgeous little thieves and tinkers. So much fun defending those crystals. [Side note: I really want them to release a new world and I've been waiting very patiently for such a long time now. Maybe 3 years. Maybe 4. Maybe it's time to write Square Enix a letter....]

Anyhow. Back to Plants v Zombies. My ex boyfriend introduced me to it and I've been hooked ever since - often it's part of my wind-down time. And I'm easy to please. Evidently.

So as I was arriving home this afternoon my phone rang. It was my friend. We have the exact same birthday and she's awesome. Only it wasn't her voice. It threw me for around 4 seconds, until I realised it was her 6 year old son. (Who's also awesome by the way. Her whole family is. That includes their cat too.) He asked me how I was and if I knew how to play Plants v Zombies.

"Yes!" I exclaimed, all of a sudden feeling very proud that my skills appealed to this particular 6 year old.

"We're trying to get past level 57 but we don't know how coz of the big boss man, Mum said maybe you'd know how."

Well. That was enough for me.

I went over to their house immediately.

It was level 57 after all!

We got straight down to business.

"Right, so level 57," I said, "show me your moves".

And the boys showed me all the plants they'd collected and all their placement strategies. I was impressed but I definitely had a few suggestions.

"More pots, trust me, more pots!" I encouraged.

"More sun!"

"Another corn, plant another corrrrn".

"We need the chilli guy, where's the chilli guy?!"

"Quick plant the pear."

"It's not a pear Mary it's a squash!"

"Oh. Right. Sorry."

And so it went until we defeated the big boss man and were onto level 58.

Hi fives all around.

A night well spent.

And, once the boys discovered I had Plants v Zombies 2 on my iPad mini and my iPhone (one device each which is perfect for grown up talking time), they invited to over for a repeat Plants v Zombies play date. The boys that is.

Although I'm sure their Mum will be happy if I go again, too.   :)

So much love. And those boys are awesome.

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