Friday, 21 March 2014

The adventures of Buzz and Woody, Part III

Part III

"It's perfect Woody, just the right size and she's taking it with her on board."

"She looks like fun Buzz! Look at her haircut!"

"I see it Woody. And that vest. It's fabulous, Woody, just fabulous."

"Since when do you use that word?"

[Buzz and Woody dash between all the other legs towards the woman in line at Gate 17.]


"Yes Woody?"

[Buzz pulls Woody behind a conveniently placed suitcase.]

"She's already in line, how do we get into her backpack?"

[Buzz scratches his chin and thinks for a moment.]

"We should distract her so she drops something. Then when she picks it up maybe she'll put down her bag."

"I dunno Buzz she's almost at the front of the queue your plan might not work!"

"We don't have another option, Woody."

"But Buzz, look!"

[Woody points to the screen above Gate 17.]

"I've always wanted to go to Tokyo, Buzz, we need a plans that's foolproof!"

[Buzz surveys their immediate surroundings.]

"I know Woody! We'll get in this case and then switch to hers on board when everyone's asleep! Follow me." be continued (again)
Continued from Parts I, II and III. Click below to catch up: 

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