Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Those hilarious games that somehow happen

I love those hilarious games that somehow develop over time with people closest to me.

I'm pretty loyal to that sort of thing. I can keep those games up for years.

It's one of my favourite parts about life.

The stupid games you get to play.

So my friend, Lor, and I had a "game". Completely initiated by me and I'm not certain she was a willing participant (to be frank), but it did make her laugh. Win!

Whenever her Mum would ring her - if we were hanging out - I would turn around, stick out my bum to give Lor a great view, and sometimes I'd rub it faux suggestively. Try make her blush and freak out a little bit. We were awkward teenagers.

Then there's my sister. My sister and I have a couple of pretty hilarious games too. Some I won't tell you about because I'm mortified I did those things to her, but one thing she used to do to me on occasion was pin me down to the floor and tickle me til I turned blue. She did it to me fairly recently. Hadn't had a laugh like that in yonks and it was super amounts of hilarious.

Our parents watched us with bemused smiles on their faces.

I had loads of hilarious games with my ex boyfriend Pete too. Plenty are too inappropriate to share, but a dear favourite of mine was the yawn poke game. I remember the day it started.

Pete was yawning. The yawn seemed to stretch for eternity. His mouth was so wide open that I couldn't resist. I poked him in the mouth and gently touched his tongue with the end of my finger. He was so startled it ruined the yawn for him. After that it was a challenge for me to yawn poke him, and sometimes he'd be yawning and fighting me off at the same time.


I occasionally watch someone yawn and have a quiet giggle to myself, imaging myself yawn poking them. I never do. Super inappropriate, obviously.

My ex partner and I had a game. This one was a totally reciprocal thing (it'd have to be it's pretty gross). At random intervals at any time of day or night one of us would try lick the other up the nose. The only rule was you actually had to get your tongue inside a nostril, otherwise it didn't count as a "win". I have NO IDEA how that one started. But sometimes months would stretch by with no nose licking and then BOOM out of nowhere, he'd get me when I least expected it. Or vice versa.

Pure gold.

I miss all those games.

But, as it often happens in life, as relationships evolve (or devolve depending on your point of view) and new friendships/relationships are made, new games start up to fill the void.

I was lying on the couch the other day and one of my housie's picked up one end of the couch and lifted it until the point that I would almost tip out of it but managed to stay balanced enough to remain in place. Cacking my pants with laughter all the while.

I love it.

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