Wednesday, 30 April 2014

I found my sticky tape in Kyoto

Having generalised anxiety disorder sometimes means feeling anxious.

Yeah! Fun times...

Not really. It can feel quite awful. Maybe awful is the wrong word. I try not to judge my feelings as often that makes it far more unpleasant. Unpleasant is one way to put it. Uncomfortable? Well, it's not fun is what I'm trying to say.

Lately I've noticed my anxiety has moved a bit. It's set up camp in another part of me. Not sure what that means it's just something I've noticed. Usually it sits in a certain place physically in my body. Now it sits somewhere else. Like it's moved house, or something.

Anyway I was chatting to a dear friend of mine the other day during an anxious moment. I was about to head off to Kyoto and something in me said, "Nooooo! We've just gotten comfortable in Tokyo and you wanna go someplace else?! We don't like change! Remember! Be scared and staaaaay put we like comfort zones Mary."

No! And then I stamped my foot.

I'm so contrary I have to push past all this stuff to prove to myself it won't kill me. That fear and anxiety is something my body just does because I am "me", and I don't want to let it stop me doing wonderful fun incredible things. Like travelling. Or anything else outside my comfort zone really.

So, we go to Kyoto!

And by "we" I mean me and my anxiety.

Anywhooo. My lovely friend suggested I get myself some sticky tape. You know, just incase. I loved the idea because I'm a visual person - but I thought "yeah I'll get some metaphoric sticky tape, that'll do just fine."

And it probably would have, except I decided to buy some super cute Japanese sticky tape. Just coz I'm in Japan, and everything here is super cute.

By the time I actually got to Kyoto there was no need for sticky tape, but I did it anyway, you know, just incase. And now I have this incredibly kawaii roll of sticky tape with a girl riding her bike through foreign cities like Amsterdam (this is on the sticky tape) and London - which seemed to fit because I like riding a bike - and it's super handy to carry with me just incase I, you know, feel a bit broken or falling apart or something.

Just incase.

Kyoto was incredible.

It was easier than I had imagined and there was so much amazing stuff to see there. I wished I'd gone sooner so I had more time to spend there.

I rode a bike all around to visit a castle and a couple of shrines. I ate and wandered around. I visited the International Manga Museum and changed my mind about not buying a single physical souvenir in Japan. I bought a book of the exhibition and an Astro Boy mug so every time I drink my tea I remember how lovely Kyoto was.

I didn't hang out with any other tourists in Kyoto, I barely said more than 2 words to anyone the whole 3 days I was was just me and my sticky tape.

And it was marvellous.

[Yells at anxiety even though I shouldn't yell at her] See?! We had fun didn't we?!


P.S. If you ever want somewhere amazing to stay in Kyoto - Hana Hostel is absolutely incredible. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

This was the top "bunk" at the hostel. More like a cubby - so cute - and look at all that space up there! Only Y2,800 per night for a female dorm. The facilities were amazing.

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