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The adventures of Buzz and Woody, Part IV

Part IV

"Buzz, watch it! Your wing is poking into my back."

"Sorry Woody. It's a bit tight in here and they keep popping out."

[Buzz pushes his wing retract button.]

"Do you think it's safe to move yet, Buzz? I don't hear anyone talking anymore."

"I guess Woody, do you wanna risk it?"

[Woody nods and Buzz unzips the suitcase part way. Buzz jumps out and holds the flap open for Woody to climb out of.]

"Domo Buzz."


"It's Japanese. It means 'thanks'."

"Oh.....hang on what? Since when do you speak Japanese?"

[Woody shrugs.]

"There was a phrase book in the suitcase, Buzz."

"Ohhhh. Wait! Since when do you read, Woody?!"

[Woody blushes.]

"I used to watch Andy reading Buzz. Sometimes he even read to me. Good times."

[Woody looks wistful for a moment then surveys the scene below.]

"Right. Buzz. You ready?"

[Woody wriggles the latch on the inside of the baggage rack door and pushes it open just a little.]

"Coast seems clear Buzz, everyone's asleep."

[Woody looks down and his eyes widen slightly.]

"Umm,'s a lonnnnnng way dooowwwwwn."

"Don't worry Woody, I'll fly us out of here."

"Buzz. We've had this conversation before. You can't fly."

"I'll gliiide us down Woody, calm down."

[Woody looks dubious but jumps on Buzz's back anyhow and grips him for dear life. Buzz presses his spread wing button jumps off the edge. Both toys fall heavily to the ground.]

[When Woody's body comes to a stop he glares at Buzz, stands up slowly and brushes off his jeans.]

[Buzz stares right back, slightly embarrassed.]

"Don't even say it Woody, I'm just out of practice."

"Right Buzz, c'mon. Let's do this before someone wakes up."

[The toys look down the long isle and then across to the other isle on their right. Woody's shoulders slump. It's going to take longer than they thought.]

"We'll split up Woody, it'll be fine. Just keep an eye on me and we'll go down the isles together. We don't need to bother with first class. She won't be in there, not with that backpack."

[Buzz runs under the chairs to the next isle and gives Woody a hand signal to move towards the back of the plane. He mouths to Woody, 'start at the rear'.]

[The toys both start to make their way down to the rear of the plane.]

[Buzz looks across at Woody to make sure he's in line but he can't see him. He steps back a few paces and spots Woody 5 metres from the rear of the plane, frozen in place. Woody flops to the ground. Buzz dashes back over to him. Before emerging into the isle he peers around a bag tucked underneath a chair.]

"Don't move Buzz, someone's coming out of the toilet." [Woody says very carefully without moving his mouth.]

[Buzz looks towards the toilet door and see's her coming out. She stops to ask a flight attendant something and Buzz leaps out from behind the bag to join Woody flopped on the ground.]

"Can you believe this coincidence, Woody?!"

"Shhh Buzz! What are you talking about?"

"It's her! Giger-poster-rainbow-lady. From the bedroom we've been in the past few years! I can't believe it's her, this is crazy!"

"What are you talking about Buzz?!"

"The bedroom we've been living in Woody, you know the lady you were scared would sacrifice us, she's here!"

"What, on this plane Buzz? Boy, that is a coincidence."

"Not just on this plane, Woody, she's the one with the fabulous vest and wickedly cool hair cut. She's the one with the backpack we're trying to find. Shh she's coming this way."

[Both toys fall silent as the lady walks down the isle. She sees them and stops mid pace, squints at the toys, shakes her head and continues on down the isle.]

"Buzz, I think she recognised us!"

"Of course she didn't Woody, you look exactly like all the other Woody's in the world." be continued (again)
Continued from Parts I, II and III. Click below to catch up: 

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