Friday, 2 May 2014

Last night in Japan

Tonight is my last night in Japan.

I spent the last few days in Kyoto (it was sooo not enough I could easily have spent another 2 weeks there), and arrived back in Tokyo today. Ready for my flight home tomorrow.


This trip has been amazing.

I couldn't decide how to spend my last night in Japan. I was briefly tempted to just hang out in my hotel room - having stayed in hostels the entire trip, being completely on my own for the first time in two weeks was very tempting - but I ventured out to get some last minute exploring done.

I love exploring this country. I love speaking (or maybe trying to speak) Japanese. I love eating the food. Listening to all the sounds. The sounds here are mostly just so cute.

Anyway tonight became about just wandering around getting thoroughly lost down the streets of I have no idea where. I just walked towards the lights and the bustle and it didn't take long to be in the thick of somewhere incredible.

Then I decided to fill my belly with all my favourite Japanese foods. Gyoza. Tuna sushimi. That's as far as I got before dessert because I have a pitifully small stomach.

There was no English menu so I had to look up the Kanji for Tuna. Success.

And it was 10 little nuggets of delicious.

Usually when I go overseas by the time the trip is over I'm ready to go home.

Both times I've been to Japan I've wanted to stay longer, see more, taste more, speak more Japanese.

Ahh Japan, old friend.

Ittekimasu xx

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