Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Possibly the craziest week of my entire life

Have you ever had one of those days where everything that could possibly happen happens?

So for the last week or so that has been my day, every day. In fact since returning from my trip to Japan my days have been steadily increasing in hectic-and-craziness.

It's been an everything time. I've had welcome and unwelcome news. I've had metaphoric bushfires to extinguish (oh so many work debacles/emergencies and plenty of personal challenges too). I've had people I've desperately wanted to see and catch up with talk to and cuddle and love but I've been low on spare time and there has just been so much work to fit in. Adequate sleep has been tricky and eating has been an infrequent event. 

I've wanted to write words but until today there were no spare minutes to entertain idle thoughts.

Don't mistake this as me complaining, here. I've been craving for life to ramp up in a number of areas and now it has - I'm possibly just adjusting. Most of the craziness has been incredible, although things have perhaps moved faster than I had anticipated.

But it has been stupidly busy (frantic) and somewhat overwhelming.

A friend of mine helpfully suggested I prioritise. Anything you can put off, put off for now! Yes! But yesterday, I was prioritising between emergencies. Which emergency is more urgent...? How do I decide between doing X or doing Y? Nope, no choice, must do both.

I've not even really had a chance to just let myself fall in a heap and wail like a banchee (cry). Something I'm fond of doing when I feel quite overwhelmed. Although some of that did leak out a few days ago for a brief moment...

Anyway, there always seems to be a silver lining with me, no exceptions here. One of the loveliest things about the craziest week/fortnight/time (possibly of my life) has been people.

Thoroughout all if this hecticness I've been blown away (repeatedly) by the amazingly sweet things people have been doing for me. And all of those peeps have had their own stuff going on in their own crazy worlds. 

How do I adequately convey my thanks for these things?

Thank you?



I'm back to wondering how it is possible to fit more love in this already brimming heart of mine and there it is. Room for more.


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